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"Renaissance Mysteries, Vol. I, Natural Colour and Vol. II Proportion and Composition"
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Renaissance Mysteries, Volume I offers comprehensive step by step practical guidelines on how to prepare and paint with
natural and mineral pigments such as lapis lazuli, azurite, malachite or cinnabar in the painting tradition of the European
Renaissance. Volume II presents the analysis of the rectangular format of paintings and how the geometry of proportion
and its structural harmony relate to individual compositions. Each analysis is based on measurements supplied by museum
conservation departments.  

The author, Michael Price, artist and scholar has presented his research at many venues including art academies from
Germany to China and the College Art Association Conference in New York as well as in various publications such as the
journal "Leonardo" (M.I.T. press) and "Bunte Götter" (Colourful Gods), Glyptothek Museum of Antiquities, Munich.  

Catalogue "Bunte Goetter", (Colourful Gods), Munich Glytothek
'The preparation and application of mineral pigments', pp.256-259.

Journal „Artwatch“ UK, No. 20, Summer 2005
‘Blue, bluer, blu-est’, pp. 30-34.

(Both papers are not available on-line)