Evolution of A Myth No. 9
Carousel: Time to Change the Gods

© Michael Price Inc.
Gold leaf, natural and mineral pigments in casein distemper,
Strasbourg turpentine and oil on linen on panel.
139.8 x 152.5 cm / 55 x 60 ins.
Michael Price, New York artist, figurative, Time to Change the Gods

Who could bid farewell and let the gods go free
from our enslavement? The merry-go-round
spins endless tales from our reason to be
as we dream on unsustainable ground.

The devil waves goodbye -- his job done
freed from servitude to all and sundry
rides in the parade that never won
the battle for the One and Only rule.
Look how Salome impersonates Kundry
and we behave like the Perfect Fool.

"Woe to the hand that shed this costly blood",
with the Baptist's head, symbol of our idiocy.
Only the divine with deeds of the good
transcend our existential fantasy.