Evolution of A Myth No. 6
Venus Serenades Jonah

© Michael Price Inc.
Natural and mineral pigments in casein distemper,
Strasbourg turpentine and oil on linen on panel.
120 x 150.2 cm / 47.2 x 59.1 ins.           
Michael price, New York artist, figurative Venus Serenades Jonah's Dream, natural mineral pigments
Venus Serenades Jonah's Dream

Venus sings dreams of love everlasting
riding the waves of a brooding ocean.
Jonah flees his soul's request, resisting
an inner command for greater wisdom.

The goddess called on all desires to arise
and search for new depth. Thoughts fragile and wet
opened a new world to Jonah's surprise
where the weeping whale dispelled his regret

to sound bewitched rhyme, source of divine seed.
Its soul sighed open - but wrapped in white gown
an apparition, not a whole day freed
swallowed his love and let judgement be known.

Her pale skin sang out to his heart's request
pressed tight in her arms, his spirit - distressed.