Evolution of a Myth No. 5
La Follia: Annunciation

© Michael Price Inc.
Natural and mineral pigments in casein distemper,
Strasbourg turpentine and oil on linen on panel.
162 x 140 cm / 63.8 x 55.1 ins.

Zeus on holiday as the holy ghost
spied a Jewess, young, and burning fate.
Mary, a virgin, her soul never host
to wildest desire, delighted to relate

her dreams for the Guest. Daily her prayers stirred
this land's jealous god, watchful to impress
with flaming terror, whose wrath would be heard
should leisure be shared undone in her dress.

Devouring the fruit in the sacred garden
of heavenly delights, Zeus would soon mourn
the hunter's quest forsaking all reason
to ensnare - and then kill the unicorn,

source of all magic. Seeing the sign,
the angels lament the blood on their shrine.