Gold leaf, natural and mineral pigments in casein distemper,
Strasbourg turpentine and oil on linen on panel.
114 x 131.4 cm / 44.9 x 51.8 ins.
Evolution of a Myth No. 3
Eve's Triumph

© Michael Price Inc.
Eve's Triumph

Yahweh's gardener, a man as myself
singing love and pain to cool Shade of day.
Language - no meaning talking to himself.
The trees, stones and serpent prepared the way

as the dying star true to its pleasure
in lasting virtue laments through the night
to release its soul for greater delight
plumbing Eve's depths of timeless treasure.

She was Shade of day. Love brought Her new care
in joy and sorrow, like the air we share,
breathing forever Her smile from afar.

Poor Adam laments locked in his story.
Stars laugh and explode, heaven left ajar
as Eve steals Yahweh's power and glory.