Evolution of A Myth No. 10
Apocalypse: God on Her Bicycle

© Michael Price Inc.
Natural and mineral pigments in casein distemper,
Strasbourg turpentine and oil on linen on panel.
157 x 122 cm / 61.8 x 48 ins.
Apocalypse: God on her bicycle

End of time, the four horsemen have been fired
from their apocalyptic duty
as the myth took a sudden turn and hired
an outsider with a different concept
free from biblical prophecy,
wild predictions and dictated precepts.

Stretched across heaven, parasol held high
God rides her bicycle on a tightrope.
Created in her own image asking why
humanity held its vision of hope

while drowning in greed and folly. The flood
came first as predicted. The sun glows deep red
burning the planets as the scientists said.
Even she as a God had misunderstood!