Resurrection Adventures
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The Mystic Marriage of Nefertiti
to the Demi-God

No. 2
Jacob's Dream
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Resurrection Requiem

Haunted by outstretched memory
distorted by echoes begging the question
that has no answer. Why did the angel run away?
No, this never happened - she whispered, "stay".
The misunderstanding was no deception.
Yet the unbearable can collapse time
and accelerate into the extra ordinary.
How can He become separated from I?
We were once One before losing life's rhyme
tripping headlong to a place where few return.
There is no choice when the moment to die
swallows every dimension of concern.

A world within consumes worlds without:
only angels know time free from gravity
as we float into endless history
without recollection nor direction.
Is this for real or a revelation
conjured up by deepest desires about
life free from life's inevitability?
There is no escape for the love left behind.

The here-and-now cannot be defined
when the senses have moved to another realm
beyond the comforting frontier of dreams
where the unconscious grows a mind of its own.
That memory of nothingness overwhelms
each moment when the world seems
to reflect the doubt that is sown
by living life defined by life's inevitability.
We find meaning in each coincidence
even though fate reigns at every turn
reinforcing life's resilience
with the miracle of rebirth as I yearn
for the love that was almost left behind.

No. 4
Black Elk's Tears for the Genocide
of the Native American